In 1975 Richard Wernekinck sold his first wool. There was an orchard on his parents' holiday farm. To mow the grass, sheep were chosen and that is how he got his wool. The demand for natural products was on the rise at that time and Richard Wernekinck entered the wool trade as a matter of course.

He started his wool wholesale in Delft. After a number of locations, the office has been located in a unique building on Hugo de Grootstraat for ten years now.RichardWernekinckLR

The range has expanded over the years with all kinds of knitting yarns, carded wool and an extensive collection of specialties: Jute, Flax, Mohair, kashmir, camel hair, silk, etc. The collection is unique in the world: All wool products are still always 100% wool.

Where other companies have started to add synthetic fibers to their products for price reasons, HOLLANDFELT has always remained faithful to pure wool in order to continue to offer products of the highest quality.

In addition to 100% wool, we also strive to make our product as ecological and sustainable as possible. Behind the scenes, we are always actively looking for opportunities to see how we can make the entire line from sheep to end product more sustainable. Think of processing recycled wool felt in our collection, investigating the possibilities of GOTS quality marks, etc.


From wool to woolfelt

Woolfelt has become more and more attractive in recent years and our collection of woolfelt is still expanding every year: more than 100 colors, thicknesses from 1 mm to 20 mm, all high quality wool felt made from 100% wool.

After all these years, the demand for natural products is now (again) very high. Like so many producers, we depend on our customers and the trends that play out. In addition to our fixed range, we try to move along with new colors of wool felt, more thicknesses and other wishes from our customers.

All orders are prepared, cut to size and packaged for the customer from Delft. We keep almost everything in stock as standard and receive new material weekly from our factory. Everything, from the administrative processing of the orders to the sealing of the packaging, is done by a team of 8 employees. As a result, lines within the company are short, so that a smooth distribution process can be maintained.

Wool wholesaler HOLLANDFELT supplies companies and independent professionals at home and abroad.