Woolfelt is very suitable to use as furnishing because of its acoustic qualities and the fact that Pure New Wool is inflammable. This natural fire resistance even allows for Woolfelt to be used in restaurants, museums, theatres and hospitals.


To make curtains we recommend using Woolfelt with a thickness of 2mm. Thick enough to regulate cold, heat and light. Pleats are more beautiful in 2mm thick Woolfelt than in 1mm thick Woolfelt.


Woolfelt can be used on walls and ceilings. We recommend using Woolfelt with a thickness of at least 3 mm. For optimal acoustic results 5mm thick Woolfelt should be used.


To furnish furniture 1mm thick wool felt is used. If demands on wastage are high 2mm thick wool felt can also be used.



 1mm thick woolfelt  soft furnishing, cushions
 2mm hick woolfelt  curtains, seats
 3-5 hick woolfelt  wall covering