Woolfelt improves acoustic conditions in spaces which makes it suitable to use on floors, walls and ceilings. Woolfelt can be glued directly onto walls. First the glue is applied on the walls, then the Woolfelt is pressed into the glue. 


The natural properties of Woolfelt (non-flammable, insulating, dirt- and water repellent) make it suitable to use in public buildings such as hospitals, theatres, restaurants and museums, even without additional treatments. 



  • PURE NEW WOOL conform “international wool secretariat”
  • NON TOXIC conform Öko-Tex Test no. 990585
  • Made in EC
  • INFLAMMABLE conform UNE 23735 Class M1, NEN-EN-13501 Class B1
  • SOUND ABSORPTION according to UNE-EN ISO 354:2004 up to 0,82αs (5mm) and 0,56αs (3mm)
  • PILLING RESISTANCE Degree 3 conform UNE-EN-ISO 12945-2-2001
  • TEAR RESISTANCE conform UNE-EN-ISO 13936-2 in length 2,3 in width 1,8
  • CHANGE in dry cleaning in length -1,0% in width 0,0%
  • CHANGE in hand wash (first time) in length max. -8,0% in width max. -9,5%

Your situation may require even thicker Woolfelt than 5mm. For the possibilities, do not hesitate to contact us.


For floors we have a special Carpet felt which is 4mm thick and is felted 2 times which makes it more durable than normal felt.



1mm thick woolfelt  decoration 
2mm thick woolfelt curtains 
3-5mm thick woolfelt acoustic wall covering, ceiling 
4mm thick carpetfelt  floors
10mm thick woolfelt acoustic wall covering, ceiling