1.1 What is the minimum order quantity?
We do not have a minimum order quantity.
We do charge €9.50 administration fee for orders under €50.

1.2 How will my order be transported?
Within the EC we deliver your order with GLS parcel service. When we ship your order you automatically get an e-mail with tracking information from GLS. Overseas we ship with FedEx.

Maximum weight of parcel: 32kg
Maximum size of parcel: length + circumference can be no more than 300cm.
Shipping costs vary depending on your country. Contact us for an estimated price.

Outside EC parcels up to 20kg are sent with normal post. Over 20 kg we choose the right transporter in consultation with you. 

1.3 What is the payment term?

We have a 30 day payment term. Always mention your client number and the invoice number with your payment.

1.4 What should I do when the package is damaged upon receipt?
Always check the parcel for damage before you sign for receipt. If your order is damaged you can add a comment on the receipt of GLS. Contact us about the damage. Note that, when you signed for the parcel without noticing the damage we cannot help you any further.

1.5 Can I return a product?
If something is wrong with your order or it does not match your expectations, please contact us within 10 days after the delivery. Only after consultation with us and our approval can a product be returned.

1.6 What is the delivery time?

When all products you order are in stock, we ship them within 2 business days. If only a part of your order is in stock we will contact you to discuss partial shipment. Felt that is not in stock has a delivery time of +/- 4 weeks.


- If your order has a lot of custom cutting the production time can be longer than 2 business days

- If you ordered a custom colour the delivery time will be +/- 7 weeks.


2.1 Is HOLLANDFELT safe to use in toys and clothing?
Yes, our woolfelt complies with the high standards of UNE-EN 71-2 (flammability), UNE-EN 71-3 (Toxicity) and Öko-tex 100 (Damaging substances)

 If you require a certificate of these standards please contact us.

2.2 Does woolfelt have a direction?

No, woolfelt is the same on both sides.

2.3 How wide is woolfelt of HOLLANDFELT?
Our woolfelt is 183cm wide. Because wool is a natural product, small variations may occur.

2.4 How is wool felt delivered?
Woolfelt comes in rolls and is supplied over the full width on a cardboard tube. Our 1mm thin wool felt is supplied doubled and rolled around a flat cardboard.

2.5 Can I wash wool felt?
Should it be necessary to wash woolfelt, wash it by hand with cold (30ºc) water. Because woolfelt is made of Pure Wool, it will shrink by a maximum of 9.5% the first time. Always do a test with another piece of woolfelt first.

2.6 How do I maintain woolfelt?
Dry dirt and dust can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Dab wet stains with a dry cloth. You can clean grease stains with K2r, available at the drugstore.

2.7 How is our woolfelt made?

Our woolfelt is industrially manufactured. The wool undergoes a number of steps in the machine park from raw wool to woolfelt in almost 100 colours! A detailed description of our felting process can be found here.

2.8 What is the composition of our felt?
Woolfelt from HOLLANDFELT is made of 100% wool.

2.9 What is the weight of your woolfelt?

The weight per linear meter is as follows:

- 1mm 450gr
- 2mm 750gr
- 3mm 1400gr
- 5mm 2200gr
- 10mm 4500gr

Because wool is a natural product, the weight may vary slightly.

2.10 Can HOLLANDFELT improve the acoustics?

Yes. From a thickness of 3mm, our woolfelt improves the acoustics. At 3mm this can go up to 56% sound absorption, at 5mm to 82% sound absorption and at 10mm even up to 103% sound absorption.

2.11 Does woolfelt shrink?

If you wash woolfelt it will shrink. With dry cleaning up to 1% and with hand washing up to 9.5%. This only happens the first time.

2.12 Can you provide customization?

Yes, we can cut, punch, laser or cut the felt to size for you. Contact us for the possibilities.


3.1 What is the best way to apply woolfelt to the wall?

Woolfelt can be glued directly to the wall with the right glue. To do this, the wall must be coated with the adhesive. Then you can press the woolfelt into the glue.

An extensive information sheet about the application of woolfelt as wall coverings can be found here.

3.2 Can I glue woolfelt to walls with any type of glue?

No. Our woolfelt is made from pure wool. This means that there is always a small amount of lanolin (the natural fat from the sheepskin) in our material. this makes it moisture and dirt repellent, so that not all glue adheres. We always recommend that you contact us before gluing our woolfelt about the application, substrate and type of glue you want to use.

We have adhesive foil and felt glue in our range for gluing woolfelt.

3.3 How can I glue layers of woolfelt together?

We have an adhesive foil for this. This is on rolls of 50 cm wide and 25 meters long. This can also be ordered per meter. More information can be found here.


4.1 Where can I find your prices?

We do not have prices on our website, because we only deliver to companies. For a price list, please fill in our contact form.

4.2 What requirements do I have to meet to be able to order from you?

We only deliver business to business. Before you can order from us, we therefore need your company details, such as Chamber of Commerce number, VAT number, company name and contact details. Exceptions to this are schools.